torstai 4. helmikuuta 2010

Back from London

So, I'm back from London. The city had plenty to see and experience and maybe half of the things we supposed to have time to see and do remained unseen. Clubbing, for example. I was a bit disappointed but my feet hurt so much at the time we got to the hostel every night I wasn't even able to dream of dancing.
Instead we went to the museums. It was interesting most of the times, but the museum this picture is from was far too crowded with kids and their parents for our taste.
Victoria & Albert Museum was far more comfortable and less noisy. And far more interesting. I think I'm getting old.
Oh, look at those heels!
I was inspired of the home accessories design as well. Interesting choice, anyway.

The lions were everywhere.
Victoria had had a nosejob done. Oh, plastic surgery in these times...
On the last day I only took pictures like this. British museum, of course.
Hope to be there again soon. To have the right company and time for clubbing. Though, this time was nice as well.